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Q - How do I add my website to slot car links and receive FREE banner ads?

A - You add your website to the slot car links page through email. Please add your Slot Car Link here!

Note: Make sure you include your ZIP CODE so that we can include it with your link!

1) Websites that are 100% slotcar related are listed as a professional courtesy.
2) As a professional courtesy please add our banner to your website.

Mister Coney Slot Car Track & Racing Links Official Membership Banner

A) Copy the ENTIRE following html code and paste it on your home page or links page.
B) NO other changes may be made to this html code!

3) Websites that add our banner to their homepage can supply us with two (2) banners that we will rotate for FREE
4) Websites that add our banner on their links page can supply us with one (1) banner that we will rotate for FREE

5) Forwarded Web Sites & Pages will be listed only if our banner is placed on their homepage.
6) Banners need to be submitted in jpg format, 468x60 and less than 30000 bytes.

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