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Q - What payment methods are available to pay my account?

A - SELLERS: Mister Coney places NO restrictions on payment methods for either BUYERS or SELLERS. Even though we now live in the 21st century, there are still a wide variety of acceptable ways to make a payment. 1

SELLERS are encouraged to use any and all of the following payment methods pay their Mister Coney seller fees...
  1. Visa
  2. Master Card
  3. Discover Card
  4. American Express
  5. Store Money Orders 2
  6. Postal Money Orders 2
  7. Bank Drafts
  8. Credit Union Checks
  9. Business Checks
  10. Personal Checks
  11. Western Union
  12. Cash
  13. Stamps
1 All payments are in USD - United States Dollars.

2 Money orders are very easy to buy. You can go to any post office in the United States and purchase your money order of up to one thousand dollars. You can even buy money orders at many convenience stores and drug stores, such as 7-Eleven or CVS or Walmart. Some grocery stores even will allow you to purchase money orders. You can use most valid forms of currency to purchase your money order, such as cash or a debit card.

Use the appropriate screen in the MyBilling area to Make Payment...

Credit Cards

Money Orders


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