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Q - Are there fees for Images?

A - Images are optional and the current charge is only ($ 0.00) for each image.

No one likes waiting for a huge image to download. Common sized images speed up page loading flow. To achieve this, all Mister Coney images (both URL and UPLOADED) are resized, watermarked, thumbnailed and stored.

If you do NOT want to pay for this economical service, you can still display your images for FREE by using the Image Source Tag inside your description. There are many web tutorials which can explain this easy to use procedure.

Briefly, here is the html format needed. <img src="website/directory/filename">.

Most Internet Services Providers (i.e. AOL.COM, MSN.COM, COX.NET) offer FREE space for you to store your images, a place called FTP (File Transfer Protocol) space. Go to your service providers main web page and they definitely will have a clear explanation on how to use FTP. If you do use your own FTP space and add your images to your Item description with the HTML IMG SRC tag and then please make sure to use pictures which are clearly in focus AND in a jpg format. If you use the lowest resolution on your digital camera when taking the photos this will not only give as good an online photo as is necessary but it will also load a lot faster when people view your listing. Using small, clear, focused, fast loading images in their listings makes everyone's online experience much more enjoyable!

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